Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of facility is this?
We are a cultural centre for the Latvian community. We not only host our own   cultural events, but that of other nationalities, also corporate and private social events.

2. Can I have our wedding ceremony here?
Yes. We have both indoor and outdoor options available. Our gardens are also available for pictures.

3. Do I bring in my own caterer?
We have a full service catering department, with a wide variety of menu options available to you. For this reason we do not allow guest caterers.

4. What type of menus does the Latvian Centre offer?
Most of our guest select their options directly from our published menus; however, we would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you and to customize menus and menu packages. Should any of your guests require a special meal due to allergies or dietary requirements, we can almost always accommodate them if we are given advance notice.

5. How much do children’s meals cost?
We offer a discount of 50% from the adult meal price for children aged 5 to 12 years. There is no meal charge for children under 5 years old.

6. Do you prepare any extra plates? When do you need the guaranteed attendance for the event?
The Chef will prepare food for an additional 2% attendance over the guaranteed number to a maximum of ten additional portions. At the time of booking we will ask for your best estimate of the number of expected guest for you event. This ensures that the function room allocated is appropriate to meet your requirements. The food and beverages may also be selected at the time of booking, if not then, the selection must be made at least one month prior to your event.

7. How does the bar work?
There are a few options available to you; we have an all-inclusive bar that is open for a designated time and charged per person. A pay as consumed bar, and billed after the event, and also a cash bar. Some guest wishing to bring in their own liquor must obtain a Special Occasions Permit from the LCBO. This permit will be posted in your function room during the time of your event. A corkage fee is charged per person, and a flat fee per person for the non-alcoholic drinks provided at the bar will apply. A bartender charge also applies to the latter three options. The number of bartenders required will be determined by the type of event and the number of guests.

8. Does the facility provide tables, linens dishware, glasses and cutlery?
When having a catered event, all tables, linens dishware, glasses and cutlery are calculated into the hall rental and catering cost.

9. Does the facility provide wait staff for buffet services, table service and beverage service?
In-house catered events include wait staff. Additional charges apply to bartenders and buffet carvery stations.

10. Does the facility offer coat check services?
For large events we have a coat check attendant on duty.

11. Is water provided on the tables at dinner?
Yes, ice water will either be pre-poured or in jugs. The wait staff will replenish as required.

12. Can you bring in your own decorations?
You are welcome to bring in your own decorations. Please check with the office for restrictions and hall access time. All efforts will be made to allow early access after previous functions have been cleared.

13. Will Birches Catering cater to another location?
The Birches cater all types of events at our facility, private homes, work places even cottages and camps. Our off-site catering services range from simply dropping to full service V.I.P catering banquets and cocktail parties. Our Catering manager will be able to help you coordinate the event.